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Emerging Curators Institute

Role: Communications Manager and Graphic Designer

  • Social media management / Digital audience engagement / Interactive storytelling - Adapt editorial content to serve interactive social media channels for promotional and community engagement. Generate organic content through social listening.

  • Oversee digital newsletter template design, content creation, and distribute monthly publications to subscribers

  • Talent Management and Direction - Worked in tandem with influential artists and curators to encourage and bring awareness to the local art scene.

  • Campaign design for community based project

    • Media kits

    • Branding

    • Digital Asset Creation

  • Fundraising campaign strategy - worked in tandem with the team to set goals to reach funding expectations, strategic content calendar, media plans, community partner outreach, supported sponsor management

  • Photography and exhibition documentation - ideation and development of visual photo execution through moodboards. Utilizing natural lighting and proficient in low lighting space to capture lifestyle and event photos in art spaces. Photos used for content creation, social media posts, newsletters, and articles.

  • Stakeholder engagement - newsletter and donor facilitation, insight reporting on investment. Coordinating with event sponsors and partners for smooth implementation.

  • Public event design and promotions for virtual and in-person.

  • Media engagement: media kits, design ads for digital and print, package brand continuity materials, deliver materials to media outlets

  • Virtual event technology management


Graphic Design



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