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Teaching Artist Residency: St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church

Participants practicing their own versions of meditative walking through the art labyrinth.


Location: St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church, St. Paul, MN

Dates: March 2023

Length: 5 weekly sessions for 2 hours

Age Range: 4-65 years old

Number of Participants: 5-10

Mediums: Watercolor painting, drawing, ceramics, installation art

Collaborator: Meditation teacher Matthew Streit


  • Introduce meditative and healing art-making methods to participants

  • Connect with emotions in a new way

  • Build an experimental art installation for the community to enjoy

Week 1: Watercolor – Paint your emotions

Week 2: Helping Hands – Trace your hand on a piece of paper, fill it with patterns and words of reassurance. What would you tell your best friend if they were having a bad day?

Week 3: Ceramics – Create a pinch pot and observe how our hands interact with clay

Week 4: Ceramics and acrylic paint – What colors bring you joy? Use them on your ceramic pot!

Week 5: Labyrinth installation – Quietly and calmly enjoy the labyrinth and reflect on your month. What will you leave here? What will you take with you?

I hosted weekly art classes exploring curiosity, mindfulness, and observation to build a community labyrinth at the end of the month. Art activities were intergenerational and encouraged slowing down in a fast-paced world. Meanwhile Matthew Streit taught various methods of meditation, including walking meditation.


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