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Archive 2015-2017

Humanly Possible, 2017

Cotton, Faux Fur, Monitor, Found and Altered Video

Meditation No.2, 2017

Tablet, Tablet Holder, Found Image, Polarized Film

Disappearing Act, 2017

Archival pigment prints

More info about Disappearing Act

A compilation of prints from 2015 to 2017 that were originally featured at BLOCKFORT Gallery on October 12th, 2017. Visitors were invited to tear away a limited edition print. The images were not in chronological order, much like the algorithmic rhythm of social media platforms.

The prints were a collection of curated glitches, Google image search results, and found text from T-shirt designs. Repetition imitates an overflow of visual intake. The found text mimics the personality of an Internet user: confident, ever-posting, attention-seeking, unapologetic, and hyperbolically humorous. This book observes a moment in Internet history from the artist.

Meditation No.1, 2016

Cotton Fabric, Cell Phone, .gif, Wood

I Miss the Sun, 2015

Mixed media installation


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